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Welcome to Revisor

Why NOT make your own...?

Introduction to Revisor

Select Media    Revisor enables you to customize and compose your own Fedora based installation and live media. It does so by presenting you a GUI with all options you can click your way through, a command-line interface and extended configuration files for more advanced users. Features that Revisor has vary from customizing the packages available during the installation and/or installed on the live media, to fully customizing the desktop environment for the live media. Check out Screenshots!

What is Installation Media and Live Media?

    Installation media would be the media you use when you install a machine to run Fedora (the CDs and DVDs the Fedora Project releases every 6 months). You cannot do anything with installation media other then install or upgrade a system to run Fedora after the installation.

    Live media on the other hand allows you to run Fedora, without the need to install it on your system first. Actually, the operating system is installed on a CD, DVD or USB Thumbdrive, and you let your computer boot that operating system. If you like what you see, you can copy the installation over to your computer and continue to enjoy Fedora!

About Revisor

    For quite a while now, the Fedora Unity project has released what we called 'Re-Spins' to the public. A Re-Spin is based on the original installation media as released by the Fedora Project, but with updates included and the Fedora installer (anaconda) rebuilt to use these updates. The project had built their own scripts to compose the spins, and then tested and distributed the Re-Spins. While composing a Re-Spin usually meant to just update all packages, this did not keep in mind dependency resolving and updates to packages that the installer depended on. More advanced installation media composure was needed, and when pungi was released, we started using that. Also, we launched Fedora Core 6 Live-Spins back when Fedora Core 6 was launched, using Kadischi. However, Kadischi didn't get much love from upstream at that time and pilgrim was re-created in the Python programming language and renamed livecd-tools. This is now also the tool that is used to create the official Fedora Live releases.

All these tools enable the user to create installation media and live media, and Revisor was build on top of these tools to do the GUI work, and allow even more customization of the media.

Where to Get Revisor

From the YUM Repositories:

If you are running Fedora 7 or later you can run:

# yum install revisor

From Source or RPM:

Our priority will be to push stable versions to the yum repositories, so what you find for download might not be as stable as you might like. Also, when building or running from source, expect everything to be "in progress"...

We publish a Revisor release every now and then in the files section, including the source tarball, a RPM Spec file, a Source RPM and a binary RPM. See Building Revisor from Source for more information on getting the latest and greatest from the Revisor Source Repository.

Many, Many Thanks to...

    Revisor would not have been possible without the tools it depends upon. Revisor uses livecd-tools (David Zeuthen and Jeremy Katz) to create live media, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot of other parts that make up the process of building the distributable ISO images from what upstream releases, and that make up a Fedora release. These tools and systems are all Free Software. It is these tools being open that have made it possible for Revisor to do what it does now and whatever it's going to do in the future. Up until Fedora 7, the majority of these systems were not open. All of this landing in the hands of the community made us want to move forward with a good solution and has given us the motivation to create Revisor. Many thanks to anyone who has built or contributed to the tools that we are the end-user front-end for.

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